DenimX… smart upcycling

After five years of research, designer and pioneer Marc Meijers discovered a spectacular way to make textile waste streams circular and process them into a variety of indoor and outdoor applications. With this new concept DenimX he creates high-quality lifestyle products from obsolete jeans for furniture, lighting, suitcase, helmet and automotive industries.

Discarded textiles represent little value for the fashion industry: upgrading these once-wasteful textiles into functional products is a process we call upcycling. The industrial process is as simple as it is ingenious. In a nutshell: Meijers designed the DenimX recipe that combines recycled jeans fibers with bio-based plastics. With this composite material, three-dimensional products can be created. Trendy, solid and sophisticated. DenimX is quirky, a bit rebellious, pure and certainly extraordinary.

DenimX products not only inspire with their intelligent design, meticulous craftsmanship, and application in a wide variety of industries, they also contribute to a more sustainable environment.

Visit the DenimX website for more information on the concept and examples of realised projects.

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