… is an award-winning innovative solar collector system that uses the heat in the cavity behind roof tiles or slates to pre-heat the tap water, central heating or swimming pool of your home. Marc Meijers invented this system in 2010 and soon after a patent was granted. The system is mounted invisibly on every type of roof and thus respects the quality of monuments and other architectural buidlings.

Since the Q-roof collector not only uses the radiant heat of the sun but also the ambient temperature, it even gets a particularly high yield on warm, but less sunny days. Last year, Q-Roof won the prestigious Award ‘Van een Leien Dakje’ after which the ceremony was held in the monumental ‘Blokhuispoort’ in Leeuwarden.

In the beginning of 2018, Marc left the Q-Roof company in order to focus of MMD and DenimX. Q-roof is now run by Ruud Derks and Cor Maas who expanded the number of installed Q-Roof sytems in the Netherlands.

If you want to find out more about this innovative heat colector, please visit the website